The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Outpatient Therapy Program

By collaborating closely with the home therapy team before, during, and after treatment at The Highlands, each client is assured that their own personal history, issues, needs, and progress have been fully understood by everyone. Assuring a smooth and seamless transition either to or from outpatient eating disorder treatment is a highly integrated and important part of our professional services at The Highlands. We do this in two important ways:
  • Working closely with referrals on behalf of clients that are already receiving eating disorder outpatient treatment elsewhere, but who now require a higher level of care at The Highlands.
  • Providing an effective transition into an outpatient eating disorder treatment service after receiving treatment in one of The Highlands’ Programs.

Professional Continuum of Care for Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment

While The Highlands offers an intensive outpatient program, we do not offer general outpatient eating disorder treatment services at this time. However, some of our expert eating disorder clinicians have private offices within The Highlands treatment center, making it possible for local clients to continue outpatient eating disorder treatment with some of the same therapists they established a relationship with during PHP or IOP at The Highlands. During treatment in The Highlands’ Day Treatment/PHP and IOP programs, each client’s personal treatment team stays in contact with the professionals that the client was working with at home. For clients who initially began their eating disorder recovery journey at The Highlands, we assist in arranging eating disorder outpatient treatment services that are ready immediately upon discharge from our programs. The Highlands’ goal is to make this transition beneficial to the overall recovery of each client, keeping the individualized needs and progress of each client at the core of the transition process. We do this by effective, ongoing communication and collaboration with the outpatient treatment team, no matter where they are located and what type of eating disorder is involved.

Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Outpatient eating disorder treatment is a level of care that begins once clients are more fully autonomous and self-directed in their eating disorder recovery process. They have developed ample tools and skills, and are able to self-monitor eating behaviors. Clients at this level have often returned to normal school, work, and home activities, and do not need monitored meals and frequent individual and group therapy sessions. Client in this level of care still need continued assistance with processing their normalized eating disorder behaviors, as well as support and treatment for associated co-occurring disorders. Outpatient eating disorder treatment, combined with alumni services and other aftercare programs, allows clients to remain supported when difficulties arise, and continue to have accountability and guidance. Eating disorder outpatient treatment involves 1:1 individualized therapy sessions. Depending on the needs of the individual client, the treatment team may include any of the following:
  • Eating disorder therapist
  • Dietitian
  • Psychiatric/medical support
Family services may also be included as part of the outpatient care plan. Some clients with eating disorders begin their treatment in an outpatient setting, but when the medical-therapeutic-nutritional symptoms and problems escalate, they are referred to one of The Highlands’ higher levels of care for more intensive services. Having a fluid continuum of care, that meets each person’s specific needs at any given time, provides the best chance for long-term recovery from an eating disorder.