The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Eating Disorder Family Therapy- Family Week

The Highlands provides integrated eating disorder family therapy into each of our programs, and for good reason: research shows that when family therapy is integrated into the treatment process, recovery and remission from an eating disorder is significantly higher. Clients in recovery from an eating disorder need a strong support system, and family members are central to this support structure. Family members often feel helpless. They do not understand why someone just doesn’t eat”, or “can’t just stop.” Eating disorders are extremely complex, and are often accompanied by anxiety, depression, and many other underlying issues. Our specially trained clinicians provide the empathic expertise necessary to understand each individual client and family, and provide a customized treatment approach.

Upcoming Family Week Dates

Alabama (Wednesday-Friday)

January 17-19

March 7-9

April 25-27

June 6-8

July 25-27

September 19-21

October 31-Nov 2

December 12-14


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* Food and Beverages Provided during family week programming * The Highlands has secured a discounted rate at a local hotel- Contact Us Today for More Information

Education and Therapy Are Essential Parts of Eating Disorder Family Support

Our eating disorder family support is a combination of evidence based therapy approaches, as well as education about the challenges and issues that a loved one with an eating disorder truly faces. Families often have difficulty knowing how to positively support their loved one in the recovery process.  Eating disorders are not just about weight or food. These are just symptoms of a bigger problem. Eating disorder family therapy at The Highlands is provided both on-site, and via alternate communication methods with family members who do not live a convenient driving distance from our Birmingham, Alabama location. Eating disorder family support is individualized, and can include:
  • Education on eating disorders and positive ways to deal with them, including communication skills (provided by therapist and dietitian)
  • Family therapy sessions may be with the clients, or with family/parents only
  • Education regarding realistic expectations about the recovery timeframe, milestones, and stumbling blocks
  • Preparation for homecoming, and how family can provide positive support and expectations, which still maintaining boundaries
  • When appropriate, based on age and family structure, Family-Based Therapy (FBT) interventions are incorporated.
The Highlands is proud to have a dedicated and specially trained family therapist on staff, in addition to highly experienced eating disorder therapists and dietitians.

Unique Complimentary Family Week  Part of Eating Disorder Family Therapy at The Highlands

Family Week is an intensive three-day therapy and education event that allows clients and families to truly focus on developing mutual support and communication. The Highlands offers complimentary Family Weeks several times each year. The Highlands eating disorder family therapy experts deeply believe in the importance and effectiveness of the intense 3-day therapeutic experience, and integrate this as a feature of the therapy stay. Family week allows family members to share experiences and provide support to one another.  It also gives clients a chance for group therapy with their own family, as part of preparation for the long-term recovery process from an eating disorder. Family Week focuses on:
  • Empowerment of both the individual family members, and the family as a whole
  • Improved communication, emphasizing direct and respectful verbal interactions
  • Feeling heard, and understanding that each member of the family has important roles in the treatment process and recovery
  • Providing clients and their families with better understanding of both eating disorders and their related conditions