The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Comprehensive Eating Disorder Aftercare

The Highlands' eating disorder aftercare process is one of the most individualized and comprehensive in the Southeast. Our professional eating disorder recovery center is not focused on just getting a client through treatment—we also make sure that follow up care and treatment at home is in place long before discharge from The Highlands. And we stay in touch, for a full year, post-treatment. Our highly experienced clinical and support team takes the idea of a continuum of care very seriously, because it works. Our team is with the client and family every step of the way, from initial formal intake through aftercare follow up. As clients become more healthy physically, emotionally, and psychologically, they are able to progress incrementally to a fully normalized life, and we want to ensure that this is happening after discharge from our facility

What is Eating Disorder Aftercare?

Eating disorder aftercare is an active process that begins well before a client leaves our care at The Highlands, and continues for a minimum of a year. Aftercare involves:
  • Setting up an outpatient treatment team after discharge from The Highlands. If a client lives distant to our treatment center area and did not have an outpatient team prior to treatment, we assist clients and their families in locating a reputable outpatient treatment team. Many times our clients have a treatment team at home, and as part of our aftercare program, our licensed therapists and dietitians maintain frequent contact with this team. We want to make sure that the transition from our program back to the home team is seamless and progressive.
  • Structured post-care contact. Following discharge from The Highlands, our aftercare coordinator will contact each client at the one week, two weeks, one month, three months, six months, and one year post-discharge. This aftercare contact with our skilled clinicians have been shown to help identify early any struggles or relapses that may require intervention.
  • Alumni programming. Our alumni programming is growing at The Highlands! Research shows that having a strong support group after treatment helps make recovery easier and more sustained. Our clients grow close while living in our therapeutic community apartments, sharing and supporting during the entire treatment process. Our alumni group provides a formal time for renewing commitment to recovery.

Case Management and Eating Disorder Aftercare

The Highlands eating disorder recovery center provides case management from that first important phone call. We understand that many of our clients, or parents of clients, often are not even sure what to ask, they only know that they need help. Never hesitate to contact us, even if you are not sure where to begin, or what to ask—we can help. Clients and families will be highly involved in the eating disorder aftercare planning process. When clients leave The Highlands, they will not only have made many chances to practice their new skills and behaviors in real-life settings, but they also have a new sense of self-confidence and assurance. But going home can be stressful, so our aftercare specialists will make sure that a support is ready and waiting when homecoming day arrives.