The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center

The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center

The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center offers multiple levels of care, each staffed by caring professionals, experienced in all types of eating disorders and associated issues. Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Birmingham, Alabama, we have created a comfortable therapeutic environment designed specifically for the particular needs of our clients. Our eating disorder recovery center has been meticulously planned to maximize a variety of effective treatment approaches. Clients can live in our beautiful apartment style therapeutic community, or at home. Licensed therapists and dietitians provide a multi-therapy approach, customized for each client. While there are some common issues and concerns, individuals with an eating disorder require highly individualized treatment, and The Highlands excels at identifying, implementing, and continually evaluating each client’s personal care plan. Clients also receive professional treatment for associated issues including anxiety, depression, self-harm, and substance abuse. Our treatment team is not only highly experienced and well-trained, but they are also empathetic and caring.

Levels of Care Offered at The Highlands Eating Disorder Recovery Center

Our intake counselors take a detailed history, and evaluate information provided by each client’s home physician and outpatient team. Some clients come to our eating disorder recovery center without any previous eating disorder outpatient treatment. Clients will be admitted to one of our specialized eating disorder treatment center programs depending on their needs for a particular frequency, intensity, and structure of care:
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Outpatient Treatment (provided by our affiliated therapists located at The Highlands, or with the client’s own home outpatient team)
Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) level of care provides structure, daily, intensive individual and group therapy. Clients live in our therapeutic apartment style accommodations, located nearby our treatment facility. Local clients have the option to live at home or in our therapeutic community apartments. Apartment accommodations for our PHP program clients is complimentary. Our PHP program is not a residential program. After daily treatment hours, clients continue practicing their recovery skills in peer-supported apartments, without staff monitoring. Treatment hours run up to twelve hours daily, Monday through Friday, and six hours on Saturday and Sunday. Treatment is highly structured and intensive in our PHP program, with staff monitored meals. Our professional clinicians utilize cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and other evidence based approaches, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We also include innovative approaches, such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), Attachment Therapies, and Expressive Therapies. The Highlands intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides the same multidisciplinary and customized therapy approach, but with slightly less structure and frequency. Most clients who successfully complete our PHP program transition in The Highlands’ IOP. This natural progression from more intensive structure and monitoring, to increased independence, gives clients a chance to become more autonomous and self-assured in their new lives. Another unique aspect of our IOP program is our flex-therapy, with specialized treatment hours and sessions developed for clients who are local, but unable to attend IOP during normal treatment hours, due to family and work obligations. We want our clients to succeed in recovery, so we work closely with them to provide a flexible plan that meets their needs in all respects. In addition to outpatient services and referrals, each client at The Highlands is provided with therapist-led family therapy services, a year-long structured follow-up program, and seamless aftercare services. In addition to each client’s integrated family therapy, we offer special Family Weeks throughout the year.

Our Highly Regarded Eating Disorder Treatment Center

The Highlands Eating Disorder Recovery Center is located in a quiet medical office complex in the upscale Greystone area of Birmingham. Our recovery center provides not only individual and group therapy suites, but also a full-kitchen and dining room for true, active nutrition and eating behavior education and modification. The Highlands’ location is tucked out of the way for complete client privacy and confidentiality, but close enough to restaurants and grocery stores to provide real-skill development. The Highlands Eating Disorder Treatment Center living accommodations provide peer-supported and recovery oriented apartment housing. Our therapeutic community is comfortable, homey, and gives clients opportunities to continue talking, sharing, and supporting during the off-treatment hours. Clients in the initial period of our PHP level of care receive the majority of meals and snacks on-site, monitored by staff, and with therapeutic post-meal processing. As each client begins to make a healthy progressive recovery, more peer-supported and independent meals are allowed as part of the individual care plan. This is a crucial part of real-life skill development for each client.