Eating Disorder Therapy Approaches at The Highlands

Finding Quality Eating Disorder Treatment for Individuals in the LGBT Community

If you are a person in the LGBT community looking for eating disorder treatment, The Highlands is dedicated to helping diverse groups of people find individualized recovery services. The environment at The Highlands is aimed at providing a safe and welcoming program with gender-neutral practices and LGBT affirming language on our intake forms and our restroom facilities. Our caring and sensitive staff are active allies in advocacy for LGBT clients and all clients are treated with respect and dignity. The eating disorder treatment program at The Highlands is personally geared toward providing a nurturing environment, sensitive to the unique pressure the LGBT community can face in terms of discrimination, body image and sexual identity. If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder and identifies as part of the LGBT community, we encourage you to contact The Highlands for information about how our program can help.

Unique Stressors for Individuals with Eating Disorders in the LGBT Community

Despite evidence that we have made progress in advocacy and education for eating disorder treatment, there is still the sense that eating disorders are problems associated with being a young, white, upper-class and straight female. Eating disorders are similar to any illness or mental health condition, in that they affect any race, gender, sexual orientation, or social class, but the National Eating Disorders Association reports that in some cases the LGBT community can be at a higher in risk. Communities who have experienced oppression or discrimination can struggle to feel accepted and safe in society. As a result, individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender have an incr eased likelihood of trauma and mental health problems such as suicide attempts, anxiety or depression, eating disorders and substance abuse problems. It is for this reason our program goal is to treat the whole person and provide our LGBT clients with the chance to restore their physical and emotional health and well-being.

Eating Disorder Treatment for the LGBT Community at The Highlands

Certain stressors and unique challenges make it important for eating disorder treatment to be both sensitive and knowledgeable. Many with these experiences may have found it difficult to find help with mental health conditions in the past. At The Highlands, our program schedule includes groups which are geared specific for sexuality, gender and intimacy issues. Along with our team of professional therapists, a Certified LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy Provider is available. AllisonBurnettAllison is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and has treated eating disorders in various settings, including residential and partial hospitalization. Most recently, she worked as a clinical therapist at Pine Grove Women’s Center, a residential program for eating disorders and addiction. Allison graduated summa cum laude with her Masters in Social Work from the University of Alabama. Allison’s other professional interests include working with clients with trauma histories, personality disorders, recovery maintenance, and body image. She is also a Certified LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy Provider, and volunteers at a local non-profit LGBTQ agency. While research in the field of eating disorder recovery is working at achieving a greater understanding of the relationships between sexuality, gender identity, body image standards and eating disorders, there are prevalent stressors which are particular for LGBT clients. The Highlands eating disorder treatment team is dedicated to creating an environment sensitive to issues of discrimination and the challenges with coming out. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming, sincere and compassionate treatment program, with a continuum of care personalized for our individual clients. It is possible to find help and recovery with the right program. Don’t hesitate to reach out today.     13445611_940833889360758_5504938182020433793_n13428418_940833892694091_6711308989688370383_n13394025_940833916027422_8059601797210152400_n Castlewood at The Highlands was a sponsor at Central Alabama's Pridefest in Birmingham, 2016.   14713552_1028430817267731_8673430751252765132_n Celebrating LGBT History Month, 2016.