Bulimia Treatment

The Highlands’ Exceptional Bulimia Treatment Center

Over 19% of college-aged women demonstrate bingeing and purging behaviors that often require professional intervention at a bulimia treatment center. But bulimia nervosa in not just a disease of young women. The Highlands’ expert clinicians have treated the destructive symptoms of bulimia in both men and women, and in a variety of age groups. In fact, The Highlands is one of the most respected bulimia treatment centers in the Southeast. Located in the beautiful rolling foothills of Birmingham, Alabama, The Highlands eating disorder recovery center offers specialized treatment for bulimia nervosa, as well as other eating disorders. Clients receive care from an experienced multidisciplinary team that takes the time and interest needed to understand each individual’s very personal needs and issues.

Unique Team Approach Utilized at The Highlands Bulimia Treatment Center

The Highlands philosophy is based on a highly effective and customized three-armed treatment approach. Each of our clients receives a thorough intake assessment by a primary therapist, primary dietitian, and our staff psychiatrist. Based on this information, an individualized care plan is constructed. Each collaborative treatment plan includes medical, psychological, and nutritional approaches. While some treatment centers for bulimia attempt to make the client fit into an already established treatment program, The Highlands helps each client in a very personal and dynamic way. Multiple levels of care for clients with bulimia are available, so that clients can receive the graduated treatment approach that supports long-term recovery from bulimia nervosa. Clients struggling with bulimia nervosa have an array of associated emotional and psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma-related issues. Each licensed clinician at our bulimia treatment center has training and experience in identifying the underlying issues that are at the core of an eating disorder and co-occurring problems.

Treatment Centers for Bulimia: Why The Highlands Makes a Difference to Families, Too

Care of the family is also important to us. Friends and loved ones of individuals with bulimia often feel afraid, frustrated, scared, and lost. It is difficult for a parent to understand why someone with bulimia can’t just stop bingeing and purging, or why they even do these things. The Highlands provides family education and therapy, even when key family members are physically located distant to our recovery center. Unlike most treatment centers for bulimia, The Highlands has a licensed certified family therapist on staff. Our treatment center is beautiful, and provides calming therapeutic spaces for the group and individual care that we provide. Client may live at home, or in our therapeutic community apartments. The Highlands also includes monitored therapy sessions away from our treatment center, to allow clients to put what they are learning to work during real-life skills practice in social eating and shopping situations. The Highlands bulimia treatment center feels strongly that implementing real-life skills practice during the supported therapy environment makes transition to full self-care and independence more effective. Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, and if a client has relapsed in the past, The Highlands is here to help clients and their families regain the health that they deserve.