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I Felt Loved and Fearless at The Highlands

Yesterday someone asked me what treatment was like, if I think it's a good or a bad thing, what the purpose of it is and why positive thinking wasn't enough. I wasn't offended because all I could think about was how loved and fearless I felt at The Highlands. Honestly there are times that I feel resentful that it took so much of my time and I like to pretend that I could have done it on my own. But I know that's so not true. I'm where I am because I had the best support in the world. And so when I answered I said that treatment doesn't fix anything but it's a place where people fight for you and lend hope until you can fight for yourself. And then I said well, at least that's how it was at The Highlands. I was actually really proud of myself for putting it so simply instead of putting myself down. I just wanted to tell y'all this because I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude that tears filled my eyes. So thank you! Really! ~Anonymous Alumnus

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