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For Eating Disorder Awareness, Change Happens #1LifeAtATime

As children, we are taught that a single person can make a big difference. That’s a good lesson, but it’s one that often proves hard to retain as we hit adulthood. In this big, scary world, it can be hard to really believe in the power of one—especially in the face of something as difficult as an eating disorder. Yet, even with regard to eating disorders and other mental health crises, a single life can make all the difference in the world. In fact, it is our belief at Castlewood at The Highlands that if we can educate a single person, heart or mind, which can have a ripple effect, and lead to countless other positive changes.

Our New Campaign

This is so central to the Castlewood ethos that we have made it the core of our new social media campaign-- #1LifeAtATime. You will see us posting more updates with this hashtag in the months to come, and all of them will center on a single idea. As we seek to turn the tide against eating disorder stigma and misinformation—as we seek to cultivate awareness, advocacy, and understanding—we make progress incrementally; we make progress by opening the mind of one individual, and then another, and then another.

Why 1 Life Matters

The reason we feel so strongly about this is because we know that, when a single person becomes educated about the realities of eating disorder recovery, it never remains just one person; that education is inevitably passed around and shared. That person becomes, in essence, an ambassador for eating disorder recovery. Let’s say you’ve never thought much about eating disorders, about the importance of treatment, about how recovery works. Perhaps you have been a bit misled by some of the more common eating disorder myths and rumors, or perhaps stigma has kept you from having a real conversation about this topic at all. Once you start learning about eating disorder recovery, you’ll be amazed both at how serious eating disorders truly are, but also at the hope that is available—and you’ll want to share that hope with others. So maybe you share your story on social media, or simply become more open to talking about this sensitive subject with your friends and neighbors. Pretty soon, your knowledge and your advocacy will spread—and the ripple effect will continue. More and more lives will be changed, all because you were educated about how eating disorders work.

Getting Involved

Anything you do to get involved—even if it just impacts a single life—can ultimately make all the difference in the world. Here are some ways you can become an eating disorder recovery ambassador today:
  • Share some educational resources or good, awareness-raising articles on social media.
  • Open up to friends, family members, or co-workers about your own experience in eating disorder recovery.
  • Go to a support group meeting, and speak up about your story.
  • Be brave enough to correct people—lovingly but firmly—when they spread rumors or misinformation about eating disorders.
  • Make sure everyone you know is aware that treatment works, and recovery is possible.
Eating disorders are serious—but so is the hope of lasting recovery. We want more and more people to know that, and we believe change will happen #1LifeAtATime. Start spreading advocacy and understanding today. Use the #1LifeAtATime hashtag.

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