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Eating Disorder Recovery: Get Refocused for the Holidays

Some people really look forward to the holiday season; for them, it’s a season of fun and frivolity, of camaraderie and cheer. For others, the holidays season isn’t something to anticipate at all. It’s a time of the year that is characterized by stress, anxiety, and the resurgence of unpleasant memories. All of this can make it difficult to make it through the holidays at all—but imagine how much more difficult it must be to navigate the holiday season while also dealing with an eating disorder. This is a reality that many of our clients, old and new, must contend with every year. Eating disorder recovery requires a great deal of focus and strength—and if the added pressures of the holidays can compound this significantly, there is the possibility of relapse. We want to be there for you year-round, and to stand with you during the times of greatest need—and that includes the holidays. That’s why The Highlands has begun its Holiday Refocus Program. Through this program, people from all levels of eating disorder recovery are encouraged to join us to renew their commitment to wellness, and to get the strength they need for the ongoing road of recovery.

Why the Holidays are Tough

We developed this program because we know that the holidays are hard for those in recovery. That’s because eating disorders are, at their heart, ways for the brain to deal with trauma or stress. The holidays—so focused on family and friends and getting things done—can be stressful, and they can also stir memories of past traumas. This is to say nothing of the fact that so many holiday gatherings tend to be focused on food and drink—making it additionally important to maintain a commitment to the principles of recovery. The Holiday Refocus Program is meant to provide strength for all these struggles and more.

The Holiday Refocus Program

What is the Holiday Refocus Program, then? Again, the goal is simply to ensure that those who are in recovery have what they need to make it through the holidays with their recovery intact. If you are new to recovery, this program can provide you with a firm foundation. If you have been in recovery for a long time, this program can help you to renew your commitment and your focus. The program will remind you that you have strength, support, and love; that you are worthy of recovery, and have the tools you need to work toward healing. Through the rest of the holiday season, those who wish to get treatment from The Highlands can do so at an affordable, all-inclusive rate. This is available to those at all levels of recovery, meaning we can provide you with the custom care that you need. Thus, those who are enrolled in the day-treatment program can move into one of our residential care communities as part of the same all-inclusive price. Meanwhile, those not currently in recovery can have a short stay in a residential program and then downgrade to an IOP or PHP program as needed. This program is meant to offer flexibility, and we hope that those who are in school will feel encouraged to seek treatment just over their holiday break before they head back to class. Regardless of where you are in your recovery, you may need a hand to get through the holidays. We can provide it, and help you renew your commitment to living a full and healthy life. That will provide you with something truly worthy of celebrating this season. Register for the Holiday Refocus Program today!

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