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Join Us For a Book Signing

Castlewood at the Highlands invites you to join us for a lecture and book signing with Sue Martin, author of Out of the Whirlpool. May 14th, 2014 530-600: discussion with the author 600-700: book signing and open house Click the link for more information. Highlands-Booksigning

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Photoshop video model

Photoshop Video Model: Four Women Try It & Don’t Like It

An interesting video is making the rounds. Four average women volunteered for a professional photo shoot. Many women do this, take glamor shots. There is a kind of a queen-for-a-day feeling about it, festive and fun. But this experimental photo shoot took an unexpected turn for these women, going from glamor shot to photoshop video model. And the women walked away more disturbed than pleased. Here were two of their reactions:              “Once someone else has done your makeup and someone else has done your hair and someone’s directed the way your body looks and then taken away your imperfections,…

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Magazine Magic: How Parents Can Help Prevent Eating Disorders in Children

Most parents recognize that their children are influenced by what they see on television, the internet, and in magazines. Helping elementary and middle school kids see through the magic behind the magazine photo or video helps them understand a little more clearly how real people are unrealistically presented through photo retouching. Eating disorders in children are sometimes rooted in misperceptions and obsessions with body image. Developing a positive body image at an early age creates resiliency to over-the-top media attempts at idealizing the impossible. Physical perfection isn’t possible, and yet everyone, including small children, are exposed to these images and…

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Highlands’ Director Speaks at International Eating Disorders Conference

Dr. Nicole Siegfried, PhD, CEDS, and Clinical Director of The Highlands will participate in a panel presentation at the International Conference of Eating Disorders (ICED), March 27-29, in New York City. The Highlands’ is dedicated to providing professional and community education on eating disorders and co-occurring issues. Taking part in this important event is an example of our philosophy in action. Dr. Siegfried will lead the discussion about Suicidality and Eating Disorders. This interactive panel event is presented by the Academy of Eating Disorders Special Interest Group on Suicide and Borderline Personality. The issue is extremely important for professionals working…

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Media: Friend or Foe in Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle?

Demi Lovato took a stand with the media. As a young star on the Disney Channel, Demi felt that her hit show was making her eating disorder struggle worse. She bravely left the show she starred in and entered treatment, fighting hard for her recovery. Then, in 2011, Disney lightheartedly slipped eating disorder jokes into one of their programs. This infuriated Demi, and rightly so: “I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actresses from the pressures of an eating disorder and yet still make jokes about that very disease,” she tweeted. Later in an…

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