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Thanks for joining the conversation in The Highlands’ Body Image Blog. Body image is often a source of conflict or pain for those with eating disorders. Recovery brings new views and attitudes towards the positive and very personal aspects of body image! Explore our blog and return often! Applaud, think, remember, advocate, share—our blogs are designed to put body image under the microscope! Welcome!


Cyberbullying and Eating Disorders

Anyone who has ever been bullied knows that it can be a traumatizing experience; indeed, it can have a ruinous impact on confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, bullying comes in many different forms, including cyberbullying—and each form of bullying can be linked to eating disorders. What is cyberbullying? It’s a pretty broad term, describing any kind of bullying that takes place via electronic media. Social media sites, email, and text messages can all be vehicles for cyberbullying. As with any other form of traumatic, victimizing behavior, cyberbullying can ultimately lead to the development of mental health issues, among them eating disorders.…

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How Eating Disorders Impact the LGBT Community

Each month, Castlewood at The Highlands uses our #1LifeAtATime campaign to highlight a specific facet of eating disorder recovery—an issue that needs to be showcased, or a community that needs to be better served. For the month of November, we’re focusing on how eating disorders impact members of the LGBT community. This is a major problem, and one where lives hang in the balance—but the good news is that we can all make a difference; we can spread the message of hope and recovery, changing things #1LifeAtATime. That process all starts with education and understanding, so please join us in…

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Bullying and Binge Eating

Last month, we unveiled a new social media campaign that we’re all excited about: The #1LifeAtATime campaign. The role of this campaign is to build awareness and foster a more open and honest dialogue about the ravages of eating disorders, the efficacy of treatment, and the hope of recovery. The basic premise is simple: We believe that empowering even one person with knowledge about eating disorder recovery can make a big difference, and create a ripple effect that touches countless other lives. This month, the #1LifeAtATime campaign has a particular focus: Bullying. Bullying and eating disorders are often talked about…

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Weight Stigma and Eating Disorders

Prejudice is an all-too-real, all-too-tragic hallmark of our culture. There are many individuals who experience prejudice and discrimination on the basis of their skin color, their gender, their sexual orientation, or their expressions of religious belief. There are also those whose experiences with prejudice hinge on their weight, and their failure to conform to culturally prescribed body ideals. This is what’s called weight stigma. It’s a very real and very dangerous part of our culture, and in fact, it can sometimes lead to the development of an eating disorder. That’s why the clinical staff at The Highlands is passionate about…

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Eating Disorder Action Day

There are things that all of us can do to raise awareness—and increase empathy—for those struggling with an eating disorder. We can speak up, and make our voices heard; we can share our stories and spread positive, accurate information. We can be ambassadors for hope and recovery, and even help shape public policies and cultural attitudes toward eating disorder recovery. This year, on June 2, there will be many opportunities available for you to join us in this important work. That’s because it’s World Eating Disorder Action Day—as good a time as any to do your part on behalf of…

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Maintain a Healthy Body Image—All Summer Long

Maintaining a healthy body image is tough for all of us. It can be especially daunting for those who deal with an eating disorder. The summer months can amplify these challenges considerably—making summer a perfect time to renew your commitment to positivity and to recovery! Why do the summer months make it so challenging to maintain a healthy body image? Look no further than to all the fashion magazines that adorn supermarket checkout lanes. They place unrealistic body ideals in our view, and challenge us with promises of quick weight loss, beach bodies, bikini readiness and more. Simply put, our…

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Is There A Such Thing As Overexercising?

For those with eating disorders, the theme of overexercising must be looked at in context. Someone with anorexia behaviors may use excessive exercise as a way to control perceived body image. Someone with orthorexia may be addicted to exercise, and ultimately overdo it, whether through yoga, running or another physical activity. Moreover, once in recovery from an eating disorder, it may not be easy to find, or recognize, a healthy balance of activity versus rest. This normalization of activity can be tricky not just for those recovering from an eating disorder, but also everyone who committed to wellness. Defining “Too…

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It’s Time to Smash Scales Again!

Southern Smash is coming back to Alabama for NEDA week! Join us at the following locations! February 25th 3-7pm: The University of Alabama at Birmingham on the Campus Green. February 26th 11-1pm: The University of Alabama: Canterbury Episcopal Chapel Lawn Whether it is the number on the scale, calories, grades, miles, speed or anything in between, we allow so many exterior things weigh us down. Founded in November 2012, Southern Smash was created to fill a silent void in our society. Poor body image and negative self talk have sadly become the cultural norm. Southern Smash wants to change…

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3 Revolutionary Campaigns that Redefine Body Image

Modern media campaigns tend to show little diversity for women to identify with when it comes to body image. According to NEDA, negative body image can be one of the first triggers of an eating disorder, whereas Being Healthy at Every Size acknowledges that well-being and healthy habits are more important than size or numbers on a scale. We’ve pulled together 3 Campaigns which celebrate diversity and redefine the standard of what it means to have body confidence. Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty The major global study, The Real Truth about Beauty: A Global Report, started a worldwide conversation about…

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Mirror Fasting: Fad or Fantastic?

Mirror fasting seems to be making a bit of a comeback. For a week or a month, man and women are choosing to leave their reflections behind by taking on a mirror fast. The procedure can be quite creative, from garbage bags and duct tape on any mirrored surface at home to developing gritty aversion to shiny pots and pans for the chosen duration. Many women are blogging about their experiences. However, is a mirror fasting helpful? Meaningful? Therapeutic? Blogs Abound on Mirror Fasting On the positive side, mirror fasting addresses the problem of perpetually comparing a personal reflection with…

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