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We are so happy to hear stories of success from our clients. Your story could inspire others to seek the help they need to get their lives back on track. If you have a story to share, email it to with the subject line: Story from a Former Client.

Parent Testimonial: Living a Healthy and Full Life

My child, who is also a 29 year old adult, way younger that her years but in many ways- way older now, has just completed an extensive program at The Highlands, a Castlewood treatment center in Birmingham, Al. She has struggled for many years with an eating disorder and other related addictions. The professionals at The Highlands, highly skilled, incredibly personable women, were able to take my daughter, fresh out of an extended treatment program elsewhere, to another level in her recovery that she would not have achieved otherwise, even after living in the prior treatment center for 3 months. She has…

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Alumna Testimonial: Struggles, Strength and Hope

One of the most amazing and life changing experiences I have encountered in my 26 years on this earth was attending The Highlands. I have a disease called gastroparesis, which is essentially paralysis of the stomach. It happens when there is damage to the vagus nerve which helps your stomach function. Doctors didn’t know how to help, there is no cure. I had come to expect this was just something I was going to have to live with, or die trying. I lost a very serious amount of weight and there was no “fix” in sight. Until I went to…

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