Moreen Rubin joins Alsana Staff as Senior Director of Clinical Services

The news just keeps coming! As shared last week, Alsana has acquired five new eating disorder programs in Santa Barbara, Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks, California. To support these new locations, we are excited to announce a new addition to the leadership team. Joining Alsana in the role of Senior Director of Clinical Services is

Alsana acquires five new locations in California

Alsana Treatment Centers, a leading provider of eating disorder treatment, currently operating in three states in the U.S., has today announced the acquisition of the eating disorder assets of La Ventana Treatment Programs.  La Ventana’s five California eating disorder treatment programs, including two residential treatment centers in Thousand Oaks, one outpatient facility in Westlake Village

Andy Williams joins Alsana Staff as Regional Executive Director – Northern and Central California

Alsana Treatment Centers is creating an eating disorder care model focused passionately on caring for clients, inspiring employees and collaborating with partners.  The company is growing thoughtfully and investing in the right things to create a preeminent eating disorder program.  To support these efforts, Jennifer Crute Steiner, Chief Executive Officer at Alsana, is pleased to

Why do I need an ED-informed dietitian?

Looking for an outpatient registered dietitian (RD) can be difficult for any client with an eating disorder (ED). The search requires follow-through and commitment to recovery that may be difficult to tap into at times. Engaging the help of another treatment team member to find a suitable dietitian will make the task easier. The search

Why I Choose to Be Mindful

Have you ever been watching TV or in a high stress meeting and all of the sudden your hand reaches the bottom of the bag of chips and all you can remember is eating the first bite? So many times, we become disconnected from our food intake and our nourishment experience because of distractions and

Simple Steps for Meal Planning

Planning a balanced meal can feel like a daunting task. At Alsana, we strive to balance nourishment and pleasure to create delicious and nutritious meals for our clients and staff. Each meal is planned using these three checkpoints: Checkpoint #1: Does each meal contain three to four fuel groups including energy, protein, and a foundation

Diet Chatter

Living in this world and trying not to be defined by what you eat or the size of your body is really hard. The diet talk is everywhere we look. Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, glancing at magazine covers while standing at the grocery store check-out, talking to co-workers in the break room, or watching

Happy Registered Dietitian Day!

During a rotation of my dietetic internship, a preceptor asked me, “What is your nutritional philosophy? Before you start to practice, you should know where you are coming from.” Her words have stayed with me as I have pursued my career path into Eating Disorder treatment. I believe in helping a client navigate his or

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Its focus is to put attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Whether it’s starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast or fueling before an athletic event, the foods you choose can make a real difference. Preparing your

Clinical Leadership Announcement: Brian Cook, PhD Joins Staff

Nicole Siegfried, PhD, CEDS, Chief Clinical Officer of Alsana Treatment Centers, is pleased to announce a new addition to the clinical leadership team. Joining Alsana is Brian Cook, PhD. In his new role as National Director of Movement and Exercise, Dr. Cook will work closely with Dr. Siegfried and Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD, CSSD, LD,

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