Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Binge Eating Help

Many clients who deeply desire binge eating help often hesitate in seeking help, feeling their problems aren’t as serious as anorexia or bulimia. This is a misconception. All eating disorders interfere with quality of life and can have long term health consequences. Binge eating disorder is the most common diagnosis among eating disorders, and is present in both men and women. Binge eating disorder isn’t just about food or weight, it is about emotions. Even if the bingeing behaviors improve, an individual who needs binge eating disorder help must still have the underlying psychological issues addressed. Professional and simultaneous treatment of the eating disorder, and any co-occurring issues, is essential if help for binge eating is to be successful. It is impossible for someone to break the cycle of binge eating alone. The Highlands is proud to offer a level of caring expertise that is unmatched in the southeast.

Why Professional Binge Eating Disorder Help is Necessary

Family and friends may dismiss someone’s bingeing on food as merely lack of control or bad judgment. This way of thinking can be damaging, and can prevent someone from seeking binge eating help. Binge Eating Disorder is a severe cycle of eating behaviors and emotions that work against the individual throughout each day. After a bingeing episode, clients often feel guilty and self-critical. Because these emotions are painful, individuals may binge again in order to release those negative feelings. This cycle often leads to even more depression and guilt, and ultimately more bingeing. Eating in secret or alone is common in order to hide the shame of bingeing. The most important aspect of binge eating disorder help is to understand what drives this damaging and painful cycle, and then circumvent it. The Highlands’ professionals understand that binge eating disorder is extremely complex, and that each client has a unique and personal history. Our skilled clinicians provide each client with a customized eating disorder treatment plan that is designed around this uniqueness.

Effective Binge Eating Help at The Highlands

We take a three-armed approach in providing help for binge eating disorder at The Highlands. Each client has a primary team with specialists that take a medical, therapeutic, and nutritional approach. Collaboration between each specialty means that seamless, concurrent care is provided for the whole person. Binge eating help includes:
  • Medical evaluation and treatment of serious chronic medical issues that often are present in BED patients, including diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol in the blood, and gastric reflux
  • Individual and group therapy using both evidence-based and innovative treatments to address the underlying issues and emotions that impact the bingeing symptoms
  • Stabilization of weight and improvement of nutrition, directed by a registered dietitian, and completely customized to each client’s metabolic needs
  • Real-life skills development in mindful eating, meal processing, and coping strategies
  • Therapy to improve communication and social skills, so that food isn’t being used as a way to manage anxiety or depression
A continuum of care is important in providing help for binge eating disorder. This means that clients are guided and supported in a transitional way through several steps of treatment. Each level of care has a certain intensive of therapy and monitoring.