Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Admission to Our Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Making that first decision to enter treatment for Binge Eating Disorder (BED) can be an extremely stressful and emotional event for both the client and family members. The Highlands’ team is here to provide compassion, support, and a wealth of expertise from the first point of contact, and through the entire admissions process. Referrals for admission to The Highlands can be made from the clients and family, or from physicians, dietitians, and therapists.  We often receive referrals from family physicians or outpatient treatment centers that feel their clients can benefit from the more intensive professional services for which we are highly regarded. Don’t hesitate to contact The Highlands with any questions that you may have regarding admission to The Highlands. At The Highlands, each client and family member is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Each client’s success in recovery from their eating disorder is important to us, and we provide treatment for binge eating disorder in a completely non-judgmental manner.

The Highlands’ Admission Process for Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

We are here to answer your questions, and help alleviate your concerns, even if you are not sure that The Highlands will best meet the needs of you or a loved one who is struggling with Binge Eating Disorder. The first step is to contact us. Please call us directly, or send us an e-mail. The Highlands’ admission team will set up a clinical intake assessment with one of our certified clinicians. This may be done by email, phone, or in person. This assessment is completely complimentary, and lasts approximately one hour. During this intake process we gather important information that helps us understand the client and their unique circumstances. Some information we gather is:
  • Eating disorder symptoms
  • Life circumstances
  • Family history
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Medical information
  • Contact information for referring physicians or counselors (if any), and we will explain The Highlands privacy and permission policies
The Highlands professional therapists will recommend the best level of care for the treatment of the client’s binge eating disorder, and any associated problems, from the information that is gathered in this first assessment. After carefully reviewing the information obtained during the clinical assessment, The Highlands will contact you, and when appropriate, we will begin the formal admissions process. Although we would be honored to provide each person with the exceptional treatment that is available at The Highlands, for some clients we are not the best first step for treatment. In this case, we are happy to recommend alternative treatment resources that will better meet the needs of clients needing treatment for binge eating disorder.

Paying for Treatment at The Highlands

The Highlands understands that paying for treatment is an area of worry for many people. Don’t hesitate to call us based on financial concerns! At the Highlands, we will take every measure possible to ensure that a client’s insurance benefits are maximized to treat the BED. Our intake team is very experienced in working with both insurance companies and outside financers, and we are happy to serve as a liaison. We will also help clients with resources for alternative financing, when insurance coverage is absent or isn’t comprehensive enough to meet needs of the client. In 2013 Binge Eating Disorder (BED) was fully recognized as a diagnosis in the newest edition of the American Psychiatric Associations handbook of diagnoses, the DSM-5. Insurance providers often use this handbook as a guide of what they will cover, so it is an important change for clients and loved ones with BED. Many clients who thought they were not eligible for coverage in the past, are now covered for their binge eating disorder. Prior to admission, our skilled and compassionate admission coordinators review the financial and insurance information with the client and family in detail. We want to make sure that all questions are answered, and that the cost of receiving binge eating disorder treatment at The Highlands is completely understood. We are completely transparent in this information process. We are happy to be a liaison with the client’s insurance company in order to identify in-network coverage, and obtain single-case, as well as out-of-network coverage for clients who would like to enter The Highlands for their recovery.

Pre-admission Requirements & What to Expect on Admission Day

Prior to admission to The Highlands for treatment, each client will be asked to provide lab results, an EKG, and a medical history & physical that is less than 14 days old. We must have received this information a minimum of 24 hours prior to admission.  We will provide you with complete information on what to expect during your first week of treatment at The Highlands. For those of you who are living in our transitional living apartments, we will also provide you with packing list for your stay. Each client receiving treatment at The Highlands has a primary team comprised of a therapist, dietitian, nurse, psychologist, and psychiatrist. This primary team develops a highly individualized treatment plan to best meet the client’s unique needs and history. Family is included in all aspects of care with family sessions in person or by phone, if clients live distant to The Highlands. Family involvement is a very important part of our comprehensive for recovery program for clients with binge eating disorder. Family members are encouraged to visit for family sessions. They are also permitted at the visiting areas of our therapeutic living accommodations. We also encourage participation in our intensive experiential Family Week, as a way to prepare both the client and family for the return home.