Anorexia Treatment

Admission to Our Anorexia Treatment Program

We understand that making the decision to begin the recovery journey can be both emotional and overwhelming. The Highlands’ intake staff is here to guide clients and families through this process. Our admissions specialists are knowledgeable and compassionate. Referrals for admission to The Highlands are accepted directly from clients, and also from medical and mental health professionals caring for those with anorexia. We encourage you to contact us with any questions that you may have regarding admission to The Highlands. All admissions information is kept strictly confidential, and clients and families are treated with the utmost respect at The Highlands during the anorexia recovery process.

The Admission Process

The first step is to contact us, even if you are not sure that The Highlands will best meet your needs or the needs of a loved one who is struggling with anorexia. We are happy to answer your questions, and provide you with the support and resources that you need. After that first call, our admission coordinator will set up a clinical intake assessment with one of our professional clinicians. This may be done by email, phone, or in person. This assessment if complimentary, and lasts approximately an hour. This process allows us to gather important information regarding the client’s:
  • Eating disorder symptoms
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Medical information
  • Life circumstances
  • Family history
  • Contact information for referring physicians or counselors (if any), and we will explain The Highlands privacy and permission policies
This information allows The Highlands to recommend the best level of care for the treatment of the client’s anorexia, and any co-occurring issues that they may have. Once this process is complete, we will contact you. If appropriate, we will begin the formal admissions process. Although we would like to provide everyone with the exceptional treatment that is available at The Highlands, we understand that for some our services are not the most appropriate choice. In this case, we are happy to recommend alternative treatment centers or resources that will best meet the needs of clients needing treatment for anorexia.

Financial Information

Paying for treatment is of concern or many people, but we encourage to contact us without regard to how you will pay for treatment. At the Highlands, we will take every measure possible to ensure that a client’s insurance benefits are maximized to treat the anorexia and any associated issues. We will also help clients with resources for alternative financing. Our intake team is very experienced in working with both insurance companies and outside financers, and we are happy to serve as a liaison. Before admission to our anorexia treatment program is finalized, we will carefully review the financial and insurance information with the client and family, making sure that all questions are answered, and that the cost of receiving anorexia treatment at The Highlands is completely understood. The Highlands is in network with select insurance companies. For those clients who have insurance plans that are out-of-network with The Highlands, we are happy to speak to your insurance company directly to identify coverage, and obtain single-case and out-of-network coverage for clients in treatment at The Highlands. It is our goal to work with clients so that financial options are not a barrier to treatment.

Pre-admission Requirements and What to Expect on Admission Day

Prior to admission to The Highlands, each client is required to provide us with lab results, an EKG, and a medical history and physical that is less than 14 days old. We must have received this information a minimum of 24 hours prior to admission to The Highlands. We will provide you with a complete list of necessary studies we require, as well as other information, once the decision for admission has been made. We will also provide you with a list of what to pack for your stay at The Highlands, and more complete information on what to expect during the initial week of treatment. Family involvement is an important part of the treatment process for recovery from anorexia. Family members are encouraged to participate in family therapy with our family therapist either at The Highlands or using alternative means of communication when families are out of town. Family Week is an essential part treatment, and we hope that those who will be a source of significant support in the aftercare period will attend. Each client at The Highlands receives care from a primary team made up of a therapist, dietitian, family therapist, nurse, psychologist, and psychiatrist. This primary team develops a fully individualized treatment plan to best need the client’s unique needs.