About Castlewood at The Highlands

Our Medical Philosophy

Our medical philosophy at The Highlands is one part of an integrated and collaborative process that includes medical, therapeutic, and nutritional components. Treating only one of these aspects will not provide the best recovery potential for our clients. Our overall treatment philosophy demands a complete and holistic approach. The Highlands’ staff psychiatrist, in conjunction with a personal physician (when necessary), provides medical oversight of each client. In addition, our staff psychiatrist oversees the entire treatment process, in collaboration with the client’s primary dietitian and primary therapist. A minimum state of health must be present before the active therapeutic portion of eating disorder treatment begins. For some of our clients, this may mean a short stay in an inpatient facility, in order to address severe nutritional imbalances, and associated health issues. Eating disorders can cause severe effects on all systems of the body. Once the acute medical management needed during a hospital stay is completed, our staff psychiatrist will continue to monitor the physical and psychological status of our clients. Once clients are physically stable, they transition into our partial hospitalization program (PHP). Clients without severe physical complications will immediately be able to enter one of The Highlands’ levels of care. Ongoing medical management at The Highlands includes a variety of aspects:
  • Ordering and reviewing diagnostic lab studies-these can be related to both the eating disorder, as well as chronic illness that may be present (such as diabetes mellitus or thyroid issues)
  • Psychiatric services to appropriate clients, particularly in the higher levels of care
  • Monitoring vital signs and weight changes, in conjunction with the staff nurse and dietitian
  • Management of medications that may be prescribed for both psychological and medical issues
  • Referrals for dental issues that have occurred due to purging
  • Interfacing with home physician/psychiatrist, in order to support a continuum of care
True health means that clients are healthy is all aspects. By providing a collaborative approach at The Highlands, clients take positive steps to feeling better physically and emotionally. This takes hard work, and an experienced team of experts. The Highlands is here to make recovery a reality for our clients and their families.