About Castlewood at The Highlands

Treatment Philosophy

We believe that each client is a unique and individual person, and deserves to be treated in light of these specific and unique needs. No two clients at The Highlands are alike, and therefore no two care plans at The Highlands are identical. The Highlands’ treatment philosophy is founded in individualized and compassionate treatment based on current best practices, and integrating three specific components of care:
  • Medical-addressing the overall medical issues of each client, to help achieve a healthy physical state
  • Therapeutic-taking into account both the eating disorder and the underlying  psychological, emotional, and other co-occurring problems
  • Nutritional-correcting metabolic problems and helping normalize both weight and eating behaviors
Each of our specialists at The Highlands brings different training, skills, and experience, including particular sub-specialties. This wealth of expertise is available to each client, and closely monitored and guided by a personal primary team that includes:
  • Our Staff Psychiatrist
  • A Licensed Therapist
  • A Licensed Dietitian
Other therapists and experts provide additional education and therapy, based on each client’s personal and unique needs. Our treatment philosophy demands that our treatment approaches combine the best in evidence-based care, with additional innovative approaches, customized for each client. Multidisciplinary care means not only a breadth of clinical expertise, but also the best combination of individual, group, family, and real-skills practice. Our treatment philosophy provides care for clients and families that begins on first contact, and continues into the aftercare period. The Highlands takes pride in providing treatment to the most complex and difficult eating disorder issues. While many eating disorder treatment centers turn away complex cases without taking the time to understand an individual’s personal history, The Highlands intake specialists and clinicians provide open discussion of all clients seeking help. Above all, our treatment philosophy is not to just make clients physically healthier, we want them to have improved and stabilized health physically, emotionally, mentally, nutritionally, and spiritually. By doing this, clients can achieve a sustained and lasting recovery.