About Castlewood at The Highlands

Alumni Program

As part of our commitment to helping clients continue in their recovery, The Highlands’ team has developed a follow-up monitoring and alumni program for those who have completed our treatment programs.


All clients with a planned discharge work with our coordinators to develop a comprehensive follow-up plan. One week after being discharged, our staff contacts the client to discuss transition and address any problems with the discharge plan. After a month, we contact the client again to complete a post-discharge follow up phone call or email to discuss clients progress post treatment. Follow-up takes place once every month for six months and provides a way for the client and treatment team to measure their recovery. This also helps The Highlands improve its process and observe measurable treatment outcomes.

Alumni Events

The Highlands hosts quarterly alumni events. These events allow former clients to reconnect and participate in group sessions that focus on helping them continue in recovery. Detailed information about alumni events is available by contacting The Highlands’ staff.

Alumni Webinars

The Highlands offers webinars to our alumni community, friends and families as an effort to support long term recovery. Watch some of our previous webinars or share them with friends and family!

Past Webinars:

Topic: Navigating Food Lapes Presented by: Chelsea Martin, RD, LD Watch the Webinar  Topic: 12 Steps and Eating Disorder Recovery Presented by: Hallie Metzler, VP of Sales and Marketing Watch the Webinar Topic: Body Acceptance in the Recovery Process Presented by: Katie Thompson, LPC, NCC Watch the Webinar  Topic: Moving Through Stages of Everyday Grief's and Finding Moments of Embracing Life Presented by: Laura Wood, MA, LPC, RDT Watch the Webinar  Topic: Families in Recovery Presented by: Kristine Jackson, LCSW Click here to watch  Topic: Managing Stress, Anxiety and Food During the Holidays Presented by: Katie Thompson, LPC & Deanna James, LPC Click Here to Watch Topic: Maintaining Your Meal Plan and Recovery During the Holidays Presented by: Chelsea Martin, RD Click Here to Watch