About Castlewood at The Highlands

For the Professional

Professionals who treat clients with eating disorders need to have a facility to which they can refer those who need a higher level of care. At The Highlands, we work with mental health providers, physicians, dietitians and other professionals to serve as a primary resource for these referrals. Our team works to capitalize on the progress you have already made with your client, while taking it to a more intensive level through a comprehensive treatment program. The staff at The Highlands is experienced in addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of eating disorders, co-occurring symptoms, and related conditions. We believe there are several components that make up an effective treatment program:
  1. Assessing co-occurring disorders.
  2. Identifying and treating underlying issues.
  3. Working with families to strengthen relationships to promote recovery.
  4. Working to develop positive food-related behaviors in an environment that facilitates freedom and health instead of mandated compliance.
  5. Establishing a trust-based, honest, and positive relationship between each client and the primary therapist and dietitian.
Referring a Client We believe that a client’s home treatment team should take part in both the admission and discharge processes to facilitate the best recovery possible. We also involve referring therapists and professionals in the treatment process as approved by the client. When a client’s discharge date approaches, we work with you as therapists and physicians to establish a plan for continued treatment. Learning Opportunities In order to feel confident in your choice to refer clients to The Highlands, we offer you as professionals the chance to learn more about our treatment and facility by attending on-site events, webinars, or hear our staff lecture at workshops in various areas. During our family week, referring parties can tour our facility, learn about our treatment, and get to know our staff. If you are interested in attending one of our events, please visit our Events Calendar. If you are interested in learning more or touring The Highlands, please contact us today.